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Dr. Jennifer


“My volunteer interests have always been around humanitarian causes and medical causes. In retirement, it has been very important to me to continue to donate my services and knowledge to my community.”

Jennifer began her career in England, attending college in Cheltenham and graduating from Saint Thomas Hospital Medical School in London in 1962. After coming to Kansas City, she was the head of the Dermatology program at UMKC School of Medicine and worked at Old General Hospital. She also was in private practice at Trinity Hospital and North Kansas City Hospital. Today, she is a regular speaker for Shepherd’s Center’s educational offerings and for other organizations, and is a past president and social chair for the retired physicians’ organization of the Kansas City Medical Foundation. She is a founding member of Northland Healthcare Access and volunteers at the Free Health Clinic from 2010-2015. She is also actively involved with Project 1020, a homeless shelter in Lenexa, and with Food Bank Shawnee, St. Luke’s hospital and IHN Interfaith hospitality network.

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