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Reverend Chauncey


“Religious, civic and community involvement has been the major focus of my life and has been used in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations and firms. It is important for me to be actively involved in the maintenance, upkeep, direction and support of those projects which lend themselves to the betterment of mankind.”

Since Chauncey retired from serving as pastor of The Church of The Messiah in Chicago in 1994, the list of organizations that he works with continues to grow. When he returned to Kansas City after retirement, he was elected as the 2015 president of the Sumner High School Alumni Association of Kansas City, Kansas. As Advisor to the Boston Heights and Mount Hope Neighborhood Association, he has worked with multiple projects in Kansas City’s Third Council District, works with the Community Resource Team and the Urban Neighborhood Initiative, several 18th & Vine planning committees and UMKC’s Center for Neighborhoods Leadership Training Cohorts. He puts his pastoral experience to good use working with organizations such as the Concerned Clergy Coalition of Kansas City, More2’s Clergy Caucus, Shepherds Helping Shepherds and Faith Leaders Conversation on Education. He has also been involved with the KCMO Health Department Crime Prevention Project, Ride KC’s Streets and Avenues Project and the Ivanhoe Community’s Crime Prevention Project.

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