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“Lali was a clear example of what it meant to serve others. It was never about herself, but what she could do for you.”

Lali, a lifelong resident of the Kansas City area, worked for 31 years at Artex Mgf./Jostens, Inc., but it was when she retired in 1987 that she was able to focus on her ambition to serve her community by making it a more equal and just environment for all. She volunteered at the Guadalupe Center for the past 46 years, including three terms as board president. But she knew that change would not come for the Kansas City Hispanic community until they organized and voted for elected officials who would advocate for them. In 1989, Lali and her team founded the La Raza Political Club, working to register new voters for each election. She also served in a variety of other roles, including the Union Cultural Mexicana Ladies Auxiliary, Casa Feliz Senior Center and board member for the Ethics, Human Relations and Citizens Complains Commission. She was appointed to the Guadalajara Sister City Commission and the Port Authority Board of Commissioners, and she has served on the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast Committee and the Black & Brown Coalition. Lali was married to her husband John for 54 years before his death in 2005, and they had two daughters, seven grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren and six great-great-grandchildren. Lali passed away on June 9, 2021.

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