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David & Dianne


David: “Driving for Catch-a-Ride has made me aware of the wide range of needs existing in even relatively wealthy communities. This community has been good to me, and Catch-a-Ride allows me to make a small contribution to the community and to those less fortunate.”

Dianne: “I have been volunteering for Catch-a-Ride for approximately a year. What has meant the most to me are the wonderful and appreciative people I have met.”

David and Dianne are active as drivers for Catch-a-Ride, a Johnson County social service program that provides volunteer transportation to medical appointments, grocery shopping and social service appointments for older adults, people with disabilities and other adults who have no other means of transportation. They also volunteered at Johnson County vaccine clinics this spring. David is also a volunteer instructor at Donnelly College’s Lansing Prison Program and is actively seeking volunteer opportunities to teach personal finance. Prior to this retirement, he worked at the U.S. General Accounting Office, Kansas City Regional Office and was an adjunct instructor at Park College and Webster University. Dianne worked at Cruise Albums, Travelers Insurance and CIGNA insurance before her retirement.

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