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“Volunteerism was imbedded in me at an early age as I observed the generous outpouring of my mother’s efforts and time toward others. The need to give back took firm hold when I became a father and understood the need to be a good role model. Over the past three decades, I’ve viewed volunteering as a thankful expression of the Lord’s presence in my life – and, simply put, just the right thing to do.”

Kevin fondly recalls owning his own small business when he was 13, selling made-to-order snow cones in his neighborhood. (Over two summers, he saved nearly enough money to fund his college education!) His career includes stints as a writer, editor, educator and consultant, including nearly 20 years at the Kansas City Star. He also was an assistant professor at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Kevin retired in 2020, but remains equally busy as a Meals on Wheels volunteer and volunteering at the Metro Lutheran Ministries Food Pantry volunteer in Kansas City, KS and the Turning Point Food Pantry in the Northland. He also participates in Shepherd Center’s annual KC Rakes project and is a volunteer for their Discreet Dignity program, and he’s an active volunteer at United Methodist Church of the Resurrection.

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