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In March, 2020, Joe became one of the first well-known people in our community to contract COVID 19 and was hospitalized for a month, including time on a ventilator. During his time in the hospital and following, Joe was an early advocate to the governor and other state officials for the needs to combat the illness and provide protection and care for health care providers and first responders. He spoke directly with Missouri Gov. Mike Parsons about the needs and even asked for a photo of himself on the ventilator to be released to the public to illustrate the seriousness of the disease. At the age of 72, Joe was elected to the Missouri House of Representatives, serving Grandview and south Kansas City. He was a member of the State Transportation Task Force, spending the summer of 2016 crisscrossing the state seeking input from citizens on their transportation needs. An electrician by trade, Joe has also been a member of many government, civic and nonprofit boards. He previously served a term as a City Alderman in Grandview and, after retiring from the state legislature at age 80, he was elected to serve a second term as a Grandview Alderman.

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