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Anita L.


“My philosophy of life is ‘To whom much is given, much is required’ and ‘Service is the rent we pay for living.’ We must be givers and not just takers. I am grateful that I have been able to give back to the community to working with organizations that serve the community.”

Anita’s list of current and past volunteer activities is a long one, with the majority of her volunteer time dedicated to the NAACP, where she has served at every level (local, state, regional and national) and currently serves as second vice-president of the KCMO branch. She is also currently a co-captain for the Missouri Voter Protection Coalition for Kansas City, representing the NAACP, and an official deputy registrar for the Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners. She also is an active member of Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal Church, serving on the Board of Stewards, the Commission on Membership and Evangelism, and as chair of the Commission of Christian Social Action. She’s also a member of the Jackson County Freedom Wall Commission and the Kansas City Women’s Suffrage Commission. Her list of awards and community recognitions is as long as her volunteer list; she received the 2019 National Award for Service and Appreciation from the national NAACP, the 2019 Invictus Award presented by the Martin Luther Ing Jr. Committee and is a member of the 2019 Class of Prominent African American Women from Metro Kansas City.

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