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Dr. Joseph


“To me, service means assisting young students to achieve their goals in life and being a mentor when called upon, guiding them through their years of education. I find it very satisfying and rewarding to see the students fulfill their dreams.”

Joe has been practicing dentistry for 50 years and says “at 75, I still enjoy every day going into my office to provide care.” On his days off, he also taught at the UMKC School of Dentistry for the past 20 years and now serves as chairperson of the school’s golf tournament, which has raised more than $250,000 in scholarships for dental students in need. He’s president of the UMKC Alumni Association and serves as a drug commissioner for Jackson County COMBAT. But Joe’s service extends far beyond Kansas City. For more than 20 years he conducted annual medical/dental mission trips to Guatemala and now serves as the Honorary Consul to Guatemala, continuing his work to help the poor and underserved families of Guatemala. Joe and his wife Liz have two children (one of whom is also a dentist!)

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