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“To me, service means being able to serve in an environment excited about the many things you will learn, meeting new people, waiting for the next day to discover what you missed the day before.”

Javanna’s work life was dedicated to education, and she has continued that commitment in her volunteer activities in retirement. She spent 42 years as a teacher in Kansas City, including serving at Bingham, Martin Luther King and Southeast Middle School. She retired in 2007 and has been busy sharing her knowledge and skills ever since. She worked as a volunteer at Union Station almost every day, especially with exhibits such as the Dead Sea Scrolls and Bodies Revealed, and said “I enjoyed talking with students and adults about the exhibits.” She also volunteered with Church Women United and became the organization’s liaison with Truman Medical Center; she has continued that outreach throughout the pandemic. She also is a regular blood and platelet donor (she’s a member of The Gallon Club) and is active at Jamison Memorial C.M.E. Church. Javanna proudly says she has “four wonderful and beautiful children and eight smart and talented grandchildren, who are all striving to make a difference in this world.”

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