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“Service since I retired enriches my life in several ways. I make new friends who volunteer in the same roles as I do – wonderful individuals with whom my path would not have otherwise crossed. Ongoing training for some of my roles ensures that I am a continuous learner. Finally, giving of my time and talents feeds my soul, adding a purpose to my daily life.”

Madaline was the first women invited to membership in the Kansas City Downtown Rotary Club and was their first woman president. She was a single mother who raised four “amazing” adult children and now is grandmother to seven and mother-in-law to three “fabulous, high-achieving” women. She spent her career working as a department head, division head and consultant in the field of organization, leadership and management development. Today, in retirement, she is president of her condominium home association board, a board council member at the Nelson-Atkins Museum and past secretary and vice chair of its Volunteer Council, and she is in her 11th year of serving as a museum guide. Her volunteer work as a “baby cuddler” at St. Luke’s Hospital’s Neonatal Unit is currently on hold due to COVID, but she looks forward to returning to that service as well.

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