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“After high school graduation, I drove 400 miles across Kansas to Kansas City to make a new life for myself. During 62 years of living in midtown, I have learned so much and met so many wonderful people. Contributing to the welfare of my community is an honor and a true pleasure.”

Doris was in Chicago in the 1960s for a training seminar at the same time Jesse Jackson was organizing Operation Breadbasket. The Black Panthers were meeting there as well. Doris says, “I participated in a March to City Hall and volunteered at Robert Taylor Housing Project. I returned to Kansas City committed to work for positive change.” Since then, she has done just that in a variety of ways, including serving as an executive admin at MARC in 1991-1994 and a Rideshare Team member in 2009-2015. She has been an active volunteer at the Lutheran Mission of the Good Shepherd and volunteered with the Heart of Westport Neighborhood Association since 2009. “I want my neighborhood, my city and my country to be a place where people of all backgrounds have equal opportunities to live well,” Doris says. “I contribute to this goal in any way I can.”

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