71, Gamechanger

You could say that Linda Brown's professional and volunteer lives have always been about finding the needs and then responding to them. She started out as an educator at the secondary level, but was so concerned about the deficiencies in reading skills of children at this level that she decided to open up a childcare center for the youngest children so she could influence their preparation for their elementary and secondary school experience. She called it "Luv Does Matter Resource and Child Development Center." A particular focus was on learning phonics and reading sight words as she taught three generations of children over 35 years (some being the children of those she had taught in high school). The motto of the center was "It takes a village to raise a child: let us be the change." Meanwhile, Linda became involved in her Blue Hills Neighborhood Association where she was tired of seeing empty houses and other deteriorating conditions. She began helping with rehabbing houses and encouraging volunteers to work on specific areas throughout the community to collect trash and brush. This has resulted in providing homes for parents who are working or returning to school. After chairing the Housing and Real Estate Committee, she currently serves as President. With all she has done in the community, Linda's pride and joy are her two children, three grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

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