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Bill Campbell’s nature is to serve others. He exemplifies the character of a good neighbor through action. Bill is an expert in Emergency Management. As a way of utilizing his expert skill set, as a contribution to the community, he converted his primary personal vehicle into a fully equipped emergency vehicle, capable of assisting the public in any emergency. Bill is also an Amateur Radio Operator, Technician, KE5CDV. He is in the process of continuing emergency management training to local Ham Radio clubs in the greater Kansas City area in an effort to enhance emergency response time and share critical information between first responders and the general public. Bill is a Sustaining Member of the National World War I Museum in Kansas City. He supports veterans by ensuring they have transportation to VA appointments. Bill was a proud member of the Texas State Guard Medical Brigade and the American Red Cross. As a senior emergency operations manager at the FEMA Region VII Headquarters, Bill continues to serve as a mentor to countless numbers of federal emergency management employees. He works long hours and selflessly serves, sometimes in austere conditions. His enthusiasm and mentorship approach exemplifies excellence in service to others and inspires others to serve the community by being directly involved. Bill is always very optimistic, and he is very skilled at bringing a sense of calm to otherwise dire situations. He is the kind of man that stops and assists people in true need, wherever and whenever he can.

1111 W 39th St, Ste 200

Kansas City, MO 64111

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