72, Vivacious

In 1994 due to a company reorganization, Susan researched opportunities learning her passion for volunteerism could provide a new professional path. Until this discovery, Susan worked in the corporate world holding positions that fit her need. Volunteer management gave her a career. After a stellar 25-year career in volunteer management, Susan retired in 2019 to relax, explore new areas, return to hands-on volunteering, pursue learning, and especially increase memories with family and friends via experiences filled with serendipity and laughter. Susan served as Volunteer Manager for Safehome, Johnson County’s domestic violence agency, for 19 years. Always the consummate volunteer manager, she displayed the highest standards of volunteer engagement for the agency and volunteers. She dedicated her career to elevating the credibility of Volunteer Management as a professional field. She presented at local and national conferences on best practices of volunteer management, along with mentoring local organizations on how to grow their volunteer corp. Organizations continue seeking her advice. Over the last 11 years, as a personal goal, Susan grew her hair three times to donate to organizations that give wigs away. Since the process takes 18-24 months, this gives her an opportunity to educate others. One of her proudest volunteer achievements involved an enrichment program she helped establish in the SMSD for sixth grade curriculum through National Council of Jewish Women. Susan sees herself as an optimist who loves connecting people to their passions via volunteerism. Susan looks forward to returning to hands-on volunteerism with Congregation Beth Shalom, Jewish Family Services, and Growing Futures.

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