78, Legacy

Over the last 40 years, Mr. Jim Nunnelly has mentored 1,400 African American teenagers. Seven years ago, when he was diagnosed with diabetes he merged his passion for mentoring youth with healthy living. The teens he mentored are now professionals and his connection to the next generation. He was told there would be no interest but he started a radio show “Plain Talk about Diabetes” with his wife, Mrs. Janice Nunnelly. The radio show focuses on managing diabetes and on preventing diabetes through eating healthy and exercise. The show has a strong following and reaches thousands of loyal listeners. Mr. Nunnelly is a “social architect” he helps construct long-standing programs to address community needs and systems that provide accountability. He believes society puts too much emphasis on needs and not enough on supply. He helped build such programs as, LINC, Combat, the community health movement (nationally and locally) and Generation Rap. Mr. Nunnelly says if he has a legacy it would be empowering the African American community with self-protection, self-reliance, self-help and self-care. He has a clear passion for educating the community about living healthy and is motivated because he states the system of care is not going to elongate your life. This motivated him to be a part of build long-standing systems to empower and educate. Mr. Jim Nunnelly or Granddad as he goes by is truly leaving a legacy that affects many lives for generations to come. Keep an eye on Mr. Nunnelly because as he states “the longer you live the better you are.”

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