70, Teacher

Dennis, a retired physician for nearly five years now, dedicated himself to teaching and service since he and his family moved to Overland Park, Kansas in 1983 from Buffalo, New York. He was drawn to the University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC) School of Medicine six-year program for the opportunity to mentor students.  “It was exciting and challenging to guide these bright students throughout the final four years of school while taking care of patients in Truman Medical Centers’ outpatient clinics and inpatient wards,” states Dennis, or “Doctor P”.   After attending a national pulmonary conference, he developed an interest in the often-forgotten disease – tuberculosis.  He was invited to join the multidisciplinary Missouri Advisory Committee for the Elimination of Tuberculosis and also worked in the Kansas City, Missouri Tuberculosis Clinic until retirement.  He now serves as a pulmonary consultant at the Wyandotte County Health Department Tuberculosis Clinic. Over his career, Dennis gave lectures on asthma, smoking, and tuberculosis in both Kansas and Missouri.  The sheep lungs he brought to his children’s elementary school classes were always a big hit! His lectures often incorporated music (by The Rolling Stones), relevant Larsen cartoons and video clips. They were always well received and notably kept people awake. Dennis volunteers at KC Shepherd’s Center as a guest lecturer for the Adventures in Learning Program and is becoming adept at delivering presentations during the pandemic via Zoom. His message for staying young is, “keep learning”.

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