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Richard Scarritt was born in Enid, Oklahoma. He received his education at Oklahoma University and later received his Juris Doctor degree at Harvard Law School. Currently, he is a lawyer and partner of Spencer Fane. He has been a resident of Kansas City since 1963. He is always a common sight along with his partners in the ministry at St. Paul’s. Like a rock amid the stream, no matter what might come up on any given evening, he was calm captain of the ship. Despite of the different challenges this year, Richard developed different ways that would allow for social distancing, masking, and controlling crowd flow for gatherings. Because of his faithful presence, individuals would often think he is one of the pastors, no matter how he tries to dissuade them! It is so much a part of the lived reality of Richard’s faith as a disciple and fellow worker in the vineyard of Christ. It is a great honor to recognize such a wonderful and generous leader among us. As a fellow parishioner and volunteer in the Food Ministries at St. Paul’s, he not only engages in marketing management but he also maintains the details of pantry. He is often present during the monthly emergency food distributions, making sure that program has everything they need. Others services that he has participated in includes, The Emergency Food Assistance Program, The Commodity Supplemental Food Program, MOW Ministries, ushering and vestry. His greatest way of inspiring and encouraging others is through his example of showing respect to everyone. He has come to know many of the regular pantry clients and their families. He pays attention to the small touches that help us all feel human. Things like remembering names, or that some weeks a grandparent might need extra milk because they are caring for grandchildren, or a person in transition needing extra toiletries. As a sincere leader, he empowers volunteers and clients alike who come to serve in the pantry by giving them small jobs and schedules to accommodate their gifts and availability, respectfully encouraging them into service.

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