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Judi long ago wished to become a veterinarian and hoped to attend the University of Missouri. At the time, the University was not accepting female applicants for the specialty. Judi made the choice to become a nurse and excelled in the nursing field for many years. After retiring from a successful nursing career she still yearned to work with animals and became a docent at the Kansas City Zoo and has held that position over 20+ years. While at the Zoo she instituted the first program to allow the Blind to experience the Zoo, a program she is extremely proud to have initiated.

Judi had always been curious about Lakeside Nature Center and one day she stopped in and found a co-worker from the Zoo sitting at the front desk. After a tour of the facility, she became a volunteer and has been an integral part of the volunteer group, Friends of Lakeside Nature Center, for the last 3 years. Judi works at the front desk assisting the staff and many visitors to the center. She also handles the night phone duties, fielding calls after hours by giving advice and instructions to people finding native Missouri wildlife injured or in distress. Working at the Nature Center gives her the opportunity to work with animals, her first love. She is amazed that so many people stop and help injured animals, which reinforces her inherently positive view of the community.

Judi’s desire to give back to the community and to keep moving and being productive is her mantra for healthy living.

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