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David Robbins, MD is a Professor of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Genetics at the University of Kansas Medical Center. With over 46 years of medical experience, Dr. Robbins graduated from University Of Illinois College Of Medicine Chicago medical school in 1974. As the Director of the KU Diabetes Institute, and Cray Diabetes Self-Management Center, Dr. Robbins has lead the Diabetes team at KU Med Center for years- turning it into one of the best in the nation and providing excellent clinical care and education to patients with diabetes and their families

In February, Dr. Robbins, traveled to Yurimaguas, Peru to document the prevalence of diabetes amongst Amazonian people and collect samples for genetic testing. Dr. Robbins, along with a team of healthcare professionals, trained doctors and nurses of the Institute in identifying diabetes and follow up care. They estimated seeing over 1,000 patients! Dr. Robbins continuous mission to be the patient’s advocate for providing specialty care consistent with each individual’s need, resources and wish, is the type of dedication and commitment that earned him the 2014 Patients’ Choice Award. An award based of patients reviews and votes, bestowed to physicians who have made a difference in the lives of his/her patients.

Then again, this type of service is typical for Dr. Robbins, as he continues to create community value by working diligently to build a sustaining organization whose mission is to advance research leading toward prevention and control of diabetes, as well as an eventual cure for the disease that will continue to grow even when he is gone

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