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Betty J.


Betty J.

Betty Rozzell had a to-do list put together before she retired from her career in graphic arts at Hallmark Cards and Superior Color Graphics. She gave thought to her desire to do more volunteer work than she already had with Salvation Army trucks, holiday meals, and various work with children.
She has always “liked driving, older people, and food”- so Meal Delivery was a natural!

Betty latched on to KC Shepherds Center over 20 years ago starting as a Meals on Wheels driver. She has driven, packaged and delivered meals, picked up extra routes, assisted in emergencies, and been fearlessly on the front line during Covid-19 driving right through!

The most meaningful aspect of this devotion to Meals on Wheels is the clients she serves so well. Over the years Betty says the amazing people she has delivered to have shared many wonderful stories of their interesting lives. From Holocaust survivors, nurses who served overseas, and too many more, but remembered well.

Her key to staying active and engaged in the community? “Definitely volunteering!”
Betty Rozzell learned that by combining three interests into her gift for our community’s needed meal delivery was a sweet retirement plan. What she has never realized was her uplifting and positive attitude was the best thing served.

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