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To understand what a vital, active, community oriented Senior is, you must first get to know Mary Lou. She is unstoppable for her vitality and energy that she brings to everything she tackles. Mary Lou brings an unmatched enthusiasm to her activities with KC Shepherd’s Center. For 25+ years Mary Lou has led the weekly Line Dancing classes with a positive attitude and welcoming spirit that keeps many long standing participants engaged in a physical activity. COVID brought an end to in person classes so Mary Lou created a video of her class to accommodate in home participation. She is also an integral volunteer with other Adventures in Learning activities. Those activities include selling lunch tickets, bringing morning treats and kitchen clean up. Her willingness to step up manifests in her heavy involvement in another senior group “The Four Seasons”. Through the group, day trips are provided and Mary Lou is the trip coordinator, organizing, communicating, and completing follow through with participants to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Some of those trips have included: Weston Bend Tram Ride, Thomas Hart Benton home, Arrow Rock/Lyceum theater and Royals games.

Always looking to new adventures she is always anxious to expand her knowledge. Her latest experiences have been taking golf lessons, using a new smart phone, gaining access to the internet and exploring email. Who knows what the next adventure will be but she always lives life to the fullest and is an inspiration to us all.

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