Mary Denise


Mary Denise

Mary Denise exemplifies "lifelong learner". She is a professional educator, a youth mentor and a volunteer at Kansas City Hospice and Palliative Care. Her smile is as bright as her spirit! Mary Denise donates her time at Solace House and their grief support camps. At camp, she embraces the role of registration volunteer to ensure administrative needs are met to have a successful camp weekend. Her familiar, friendly face provides the perfect welcome for the campers!

Pre-COVID, Mary Denise volunteered at the front desk of the hospice house several times a month. She is a warm and wonderful greeter and is able to strike the right note to put visitors at ease.

Mary Denise is a pillar volunteer during the holiday season. When Santa comes to visit the hospice house, she makes herself available to assist and organize crafts for the visiting children as well as the coordination of fresh baked cookies for participants to decorate.

When the pandemic first started, Mary Denise stepped in to handwrite a letter to all Solace House participants to connect with them on a personal level during this time of isolation. . She is always quick to assist with take-home administrative projects.

Mary Denise is also a go to person in her neighborhood. She is a dog walker and people mover, taking neighbors to doctor appointments, grocery shopping, anything they need that she can help with. She is beyond willing to take the time to help them out.

Her giving in the community doesn’t stop there, for several years she has mentored a young lady who is now in high school. She met this young lady just out of happenstance at a local restaurant. This young ladies' parents own the restaurant that Mary Denise frequents. Their relationship started as friends and then moved to a mentorship to help this young lady not only navigate her most formative years, but to show her the gift of volunteering. This young lady assists Mary Denise with office projects at Solace House.
Pre-COVID, she coordinated with members of her church, to serve meals for families, guests and staff at the KCHH once a month. Finally, she is a member of the Greater Kansas City Needlepoint Guild. Through that guild, she needlepoints Memorial Hearts that are donated to the hospice house to give to families upon the death of their loved one.