What you need to know about COVID-19 

For an organization that exists for the very purpose of reducing social isolation through personal connections, just as COVID-19 has turned our worlds upside down, we have had to turn our programs upside down nearly overnight.  We have had to suspend the critical human connection on which KC Shepherd's Center's programs are based and rely on technology and contactless programming to ensure that seniors in Kansas City are served.  Thanks to the philanthropic generosity in Kansas City, we have been able to manage the additional expense of urgently transforming programming.   Thanks to the ingenuity of our KC Shepherd's Center team and volunteers, we have been able to go the extra mile and keep serving clients during this unprecedented crisis.  As the pandemic and the economic crisis it has caused continue to evolve, we remain nimble and creative in meeting the needs of an ever growing senior community in Kansas City.

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Is the COVID-19 Vaccine safe?


Yes. All vaccines available in the U.S. have undergone rigorous testing to meet the standards of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is important to note that you cannot contract COVID-19 from the vaccine. The vaccines contain proteins from the virus, but do not contain the coronavirus itself.


Will the vaccine cost me anything?

The vaccine is free for persons with and without insurance. However, vaccine providers can bill insurance companies to cover the cost, so be sure to bring your insurance or Medicare card to your appointment. Beware of potential scams! Know that no one from Medicare will contact you about an appointment, so never give out your social security number, bank information or credit card over the phone.

When will I get vaccinated?

Contact your doctor, local health department or pharmacy for more information, or visit one of the links below to schedule an appointment:


For Missouri:  www.covidvaccine.mo.gov


For Kansas:  www.kansasvaccine.gov

If you or someone you know is home-bound and unable to go out for a vaccination, call our offices @

816-444-1121, or follow the below link and we will help you get vaccinated in your home.

Are side effects normal?

Yes. Those who have received the vaccine have reported side effects ranging from injection-site pain, muscle aches, joint pain, fever, chills and headache. These side effects are normal and temporary and are consistent with side effects from similar vaccinations like the flu shot.


Will I still need to wear a mask after I'm vaccinated?

It is crucial to follow CDC protocols.  As as of May 13, 2021, the CDC recommends that fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear a mask or physically distance in any setting, except where required by law, including local business and workplace guidance.

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Additional Resources

KC Shepherd's Center encourages you to complete your local COVID-19 Vaccine distribution list:

Kansas City Health Department


Missouri Vaccine Navigator


Johnson County Kansas Health Department

AAA COVID-19 Vaccine Registry Assistance

Comeback KC Vaccine Survey


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