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Woman receives FOX4’s Pay-It-Forward Award for her dedication to helping elderly

KANSAS CITY, Mo. --  A program manager of a non-profit to empower older adults was recently surprised when FOX4 paid her a visit as she was sitting in her office at the Shepherd’s Center.

Kelly Jander works at the Shepherd Center, a center is designed to help the older generation maneuver through everyday life. Sandy Harkins, a volunteer, noticed that Jander gives her heart and soul to try to get the word out so people can learn about the organization. To say thank you, Harkins nominated Jander for FOX4's Pay-It-Foward Award and $400 that comes with it.

"She’s passionate about what she does," Harkins said. "She touches it, and it is going to go golden."

Watch the video above to see the surprise that left Jander with happy tears.